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The Facts

Welcome to Open House Media, the Uk’s leading Virtual Reality Venue Tour and immersive 4K video cinematic marketing company.
At Open House Media we specialise in producing spectacular 4K Virtual Reality Tours for businesses in the UK and abroad aswell as spellbinding 4K aerial drone video and internal 4K video cinematic showcases.
More than ever, businesses need to freshen up their online presence due to the explosion of Virtual Reality Tours and video marketing.

Open House Media specialise in providing companies around the UK with our very own immersive 4K 3D Virtual Reality Tour and 4K Aerial Drone and handheld 4K gimbal video marketing tours.

Consumers demand the very latest technology experiences when deciding on a purchase of a home, hotel stay, wedding venue or deciding on where to eat or drink.
2018 has seen 3D Virtual Reality tours and 4K video marketing short movies become standard and if you are not on that train already you should be as the statistics show that in 2019 around 80% of all internet data consumed by potential customers will be via the medium of video.


Web search

80% of all internet
data consumed is video


Traffic boost

Video boosts traffic from
an organic listing by 157%


Google monopoly

90% of all searches are on Google,
videos appear at top of search


Website views with VR

200% more website views
with VR Tour


Websites with VR

Consumers stay 3 X longer
with VR on website


Website enquiries with VR

100% more enquiries with VR on your website

Virtual Reality Tours

2018 saw businesses with Virtual Reality tours experience 200% more website views, 100% more enquiries than they did with 2D photography and text and more than 10 times return on investment. This is only the start!
Virtual Reality tours vastly improve your websites SEO credentials, customers stay 3 times longer on websites with Virtual Reality tours and two thirds surveyed for Google business listings wanted a Virtual Reality Tour on a business website to look at before buying or visiting.

Consumers demand to be better informed than ever as technology allows them to see inside a venue and investigate whether it is right for them while sitting in the comfort of their own home. They consume videos to gain insights into products, giving them knowledge quicker and easier than pictures and text and are able to gain valuable insights allowing them to make quicker decisions.

Virtual Reality Tours allow consumers the ability to gain knowledge and trust about a company before progressing down the sales funnel, the first part of any sales journey is the research and investigation into the product and service, a Virtual Reality Tour shows the consumer every aspect of the business, opening its doors up like never before. Open House Media produce crisp 4K definition through the Matterport Virtual Reality tour camera, showcasing businesses in beautiful technicolour.
Media can be embedded into the Virtual Reality Tour, videos, pdf’s , text and booking form links can be inserted with the Virtual Reality Tour at relevant points to take the consumer onto the next step in the sales process. Floorplans, measurements, a 3D dollshouse plan, an automatic 3D Walk through are just some of the features that can be included.

Attach a 4K Drone video to the Matterport Virtual Reality Tour and produce a sensational media package that will wow your potential customers, showing them an aerial cinematic movie of the surrounding area and the setting in which your business sits, have the drone swoop down from the skies and fly directly into your premises through the front door and then have that video stitched into the Matterport Virtual Reality Tour to produce a truly breathtaking spectacle.

The list of businesses Virtual Reality Tours are crucial to is endless, hotels, wedding venues, real estate, sports venues, leisure… the list goes on, all captured in immersive interactive 4K definition. The cost is minimal compared to most businesses yearly marketing budget but the return on investment is impressive, usually exceeding 10 times the initial spend.

Take a look below at a VR Tour example which shows the quality of image and options on offer.

Beautiful 4K clarity

Consumers can now explore businesses and real estate as though they were really there while simply sitting on their sofa at home.

The first part of the sales process is taken care of by a Matterport VR Tour by wowing potential customers with jaw dropping clarity and colour.

Matterport 4K 3D Virtual Reality Tours

Consumers can now see the inside of hotels, bars, restaurants and houses from the comfort of their own house via the amazing form of a 3D Virtual Reality Tour.
Matterport are the worlds leading 4K 3D Virtual Reality tour camera manufacturers and Open House Media are proud to use their product to provide UK companies with “ knock your socks off” Virtual Reality tours.
Consumers can use a Virtual Reality Tour to decide on which bar to go to, which restaurant to eat in, which hotel to stay at, they can walk round a hotel bedroom, look out of the window at a virtual live vista view and see what they will get before they book or sit in a seat in a theatre to make sure the view is right for them before they book a ticket. Applicable to most industries, 4K quality makes the venue pop and can be viewed on any device.
Embed media tags in the areas you want to highlight such as pdf menus, explainer videos, links to booking pages inorder to take the consumer through the sales funnel.

Open House Media produce 3D and Virtual Reality experiences aswell as 4K print ready photography and social media VR Clips to really drive your social media presence.

View Langley Castle Hotel in 4K Virtual Reality.

View a London Penthouse in 4K Virtual Reality.

Click here for the full range of features the Open House VR tours delivers.

4K Video showcases

When it comes to being visible on Google, video has become the must have tool to be found. Google owns Youtube, 2019 will see over 80% of all internet data consumed via video so its no surprise that if you do a search on Google you will receive video results at the top of the page, mostly from Youtube.
Consumers want quick answers to questions and video satisfies this need quicker than text and pictures.
Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, its relationship with Google will only get stronger and if youre serious about driving potential customers through your sales funnel then you need video content to engage.

Video is simply more engaging and can really get the feel and makeup of your business across to the consumer.

4K Gimbal video and 4K Drone video

Open House Media use 4K DSLR videography alongside DJI Phantom 4 Pro 4K drone footage to produce ” knock your socks off” cinematic footage.

Take a look at Doxford Hall in cinematic Video.

Click here for the full range of features the Open House 4k drone video tour delivers.

4K Virtual Reality & Drone Video Packages.

Matterport 4K Virtual Reality Tour

4K 3D Virtual Reality Tour
Uploaded to Google Street View
Matterport virtual walk thru
HD printable photography
HD 360 photographs
3D Dollhouse floor plan
Clickable Hotspots
Embedded media such as videos, menus
and booking forms
Live virtual vista stream
4K Aerial drone footage
(Optional extra).

Immersive 4k Drone & Internal 4K cinematic video

4K Drone video
Internal 4K cinematic video
3D 4K photographs
Smaller social media video clips
HD Aerial photography
Manager/Owner video interviews
Embedded music branding
Voice over option
Interactive 360 Drone site plan with tags
( Optional extra )

No Brainer!

Minimal cost, maximum impact!

Our Clients Comments

We asked Open House Media to produce a Virtual Reality tour for us after seeing some of the other tours they had done. We are thrilled with the results and are sure it will help us launch our new 1920's style Shanghai restaurant and speakeasy.

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Hanley House
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