Open House Media showcase your venue in immersive 4K 3D Virtual Reality tours and 4K Aerial Drone video cinematic tours.

“Knock your socks off” 4K Drone video footage and internal 4K cinematic style video tours that makes you feel like you are there.

When it comes to being visible on Google, video has become the must have tool to be found. Google owns Youtube, 2019 will see over 80% of all internet data consumed via video so its no surprise that if you do a search on Google you will receive video results at the top of the page, mostly from Youtube.
Consumers want quick answers to questions and video satisfies this need quicker than text and pictures.
Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, its relationship with Google will only get stronger and if youre serious about driving potential customers through your sales funnel then you need video content to engage.

Video has now become the main marketing tool every business should have, the statistics back up the power it possesses, if your website doesn’t take advantage of video then the figures below may change your mind.

80% of all internet data consumed is video, Video boosts traffic from an organic listing by 157%
90% of all searches are on Google, videos appear at top of search
55% of people watch online videos every day
All major social media sites have video at their heart
1 min of video equates to 1.8m words
More than 500 million hours of video is watched per day
Over 1 billion people use Youtube
Embedded videos boost your website up the Google rankings

Video is simply more engaging and can really get the feel and makeup of your business across to the consumer.

Take a look at the Langley Castle video

DJI Phantom 4 Pro 4K Drone & 4K Cinematic video
Features & Benefits

4K Aerial Footage

Stunning 4K clarity is what the Dji Phantom 4 Pro delivers, beautiful cinematic video really shows off your business and surroundings allowing the consumer to get a good idea on the business or property and where it sits. Its a very effective teaser video.

HD Aerial Photography

The Dji PHantom 4 Pro takes 20mp photographs giving you amazing quality aerial footage that is printable and completely captivating.
Combining filter lenses and different camera settings, we can give you a collection of photographs that you can use in all your media.

Voiceover & Embedded Music

Great music always improves a great video, our clients get a choice on tracks once we have confirmed what genre and feel they want the video to have.

4K Internal Walk thru

Using the Black Magic 4K cinema camera, we produce sexy film footage in the feel that our clients dictate. Super smooth long shot cinema style footage to show off your product.

4K Drone Videos combined with an internal 4K video Walk Thru will give your venue the ultimate marketing advantage.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the 4K Black Magic cinema camera
4K Cinema style video marketing

Open House Media’s 4K aerial drone footage combined with an internal 4K gimbal shot cinema style video will make your business pop.
Our Dji Phantom 4 Pro with its 4K video camera and 20mp still shot camera can give some stunning effects and really show your setting off. Combine with an aerial 360 degree site plan to show all the areas of the business and you are half way there to securing some serious new business, our internal 4K Black Magic cinema camera takes some spectacular sweeping video shots and the footage can be stitched into the drone footage so the transition is seemless. Open your front doors, let the drone fly in and that footage is stitched into the handheld shots and you get the look of a bird flying into the hotel and taking its own tour of the facilities. Simply stunning effects to wow your potential customers.

Our Clients Comments

We asked Open House Media to produce a Virtual Reality tour for us after seeing some of the other tours they had done. We are thrilled with the results and are sure it will help us launch our new 1920's style Shanghai restaurant and speakeasy.

video marketing for restaurants

Debbie Gadd  Rabbit Hole Restaurant, Durham

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