Open House Media showcase your venue in immersive 4K 3D Virtual Reality tours and 4K Aerial Drone video cinematic tours.

Stunning 4K 3D Virtual Reality Tours, click and explore as though you are there.

Currently less than 5% of all wedding venues in the UK have a VR Tour giving those wedding venues a huge marketing advantage when it comes to attracting new customers.
It is known that over 80% of consumers surveyed want a VR Tour on a wedding venues website compared to 2D photographs and text. They demand more information, quicker. They expect to be able to gain more facts about a product or service than ever before and they expect it super quick.
A Wedding venue Virtual Reality Tour allows a potential customer to walk around the facilities, look at particular aspects of the venue that are important to them and make a decision on whether the venue is the one they want to visit prior to deciding on the one.
Our Wedding venue VR Tours allow the customer to walk around not just the internal space but also the outside space with 4K quality vista views and embedded media to assist them in gaining all the information they need. Our virtual live vista views via live looped 20 second videos can be attached to windows with a Mattertag which they can click and see the live view they get with booking that particular room.
Amazing hey??!!.
Embedded media can be added such as a booking form tag so they can book the room there and then so you dont lose them to a competitor, we provide everything to keep the customer on your website, take them through the stages of the sales funnel and close the deal by pointing them towards the booking form.

When it comes to really being found on the web, there is only one option in 2018 and going forwards. Its VIDEO!!
In 2019 it is predicted that around 80% of all internet data will be consumed via video, video tells a story quicker, in a more interesting way and is simpler for the customer to consume.
Quite simply you need a video tour and showcase to keep yourself from being left behind, video upgrades your website SEO score, will appear at the top of Google search results especially if downloaded to Youtube and boosts organic internet traffic to your website by around 157%.

Take a look at Alnwick Castle’s VR venue tour.

4K Drone & Internal Videos showcase your wedding venue in superb cinematic style.

Its as simple as that, without video marketing tours on your website and on your social media, you are really missing the main trick to marketing success.
Over 80% of all internet data consumed next year will be videos, photos and text simply doesn’t cut it in the modern era, consumers want 4K quality media to tell them what they need to know as quick as humanly possible.
Video is consumed quicker, is more interesting, keeps potential customers on your website longer and will convert more sales.
55% of people watch videos every day, one third of all internet users are on Youtube, we could go on.
Simply put your web presence should be focused on video, both socially and on your website.

Take a look at Alnwick Castle’s 4k Video Tour.

Take a look at our clients VR & Video Showcases.

Pricing Options

Matterport 4K 3D Interactive VR Tour

£895 + VAT

4K 3D VR Tour Uploaded to Google Street View
20 mp Photographs of all areas
3D Dollshouse floorplan
Clickable hotspots with embedded media
Virtual Live Vista stream
Social media clips
Automated Matterport Walk thru video

Optional Extras:

Aerial Interactive Drone site plan with tags £245 + VAT
4K Cinematic Drone video with music £395 + VAT

VR Tour & 4K Drone & Internal Video package

£1695 + VAT

Matterport VR Tour package with Google Street View

4K Drone and Internal 4K video showcase package

Optional extra:
Aerial 3D site plan
£245 + VAT

4K Drone & Internal 4K Video walk thru

£1095 + VAT

Dji Phantom 4 Pro 4K Drone video
Embedded music track
Optional staff interviews
Internal 4K cinematic video showcase
Full branding
Reduced size social media clips

Bought seperately:
4K Drone video
£395 + VAT
Internal 4K video showcase
£895 + VAT

(Optional Extras)
Aerial Interactive 3D Site plan
£245 + VAT

Our Clients Comments

We asked Open House Media to produce a Virtual Reality tour for us after seeing some of the other tours they had done. We are thrilled with the results and are sure it will help us launch our new 1920's style Shanghai restaurant and speakeasy.

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